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Discover the Treasures of Ramat Gan, The Garden City of Israel

With a population of almost 140,000, Ramat Gan is the second-largest city in Israel, after its capital of Tel Aviv. Located just east of Tel Aviv, the city is a part of the metropolitan area known as Gush Dan — Israel’s most populous region, containing an even larger population than Jerusalem. Established in 1921, Ramat Gan has since undergone tremendous development that has made it one of the most attractive cities in the country. From a variety of outdoor activities to delicious traditional Jewish cuisine, Ramat Gan has something for everyone. When visiting the area, it’s worth spending time to explore its many treasures.

The most engaging part about this Israeli city is its vast parks and gardens. Ramat Gan is known as ”The Garden City,” and it’s easy to see why. Much of the city is blanketed with parks, attractive green spaces and an array of other outdoor amenities. Take a stroll through the famous Ayalon Park, Israel’s largest public park, which offers a variety of recreational activities such as horseback riding and cycling. Other popular green spaces include the unique Botanic Gardens, which are home to a variety of exotic plants, and the Emmanuel Jesuit Gardens, where visitors can get an insight into the history and culture of the local Jewish community.

But there is also plenty of urban lifestyle to be experienced in Ramat Gan. The city is home to a wealth of designer outlets and shopping malls, as well as an exciting nightlife scene. Wander through the streets of Ayalon Mall to explore Israel’s finest fashion boutiques and contemporary design stores. Once you’re done shopping, check out the many pubs and clubs in the area. Ramat Gan is known for its diverse nightlife culture, and you’ll find bars and clubs playing all kinds of music — from jazz and funk to house and techno.

The culinary scene in Ramat Gan is also vibrant and diverse. Peruse the renowned Ha’Oren food market and explore the numerous bakeries, deli’s, and cafes serving Ruth Levine’s world-famous knishes. For a casual cafe experience, check out the Djam Cafe & Deli. Jewish cuisine is particularly popular in Ramat Gan, and the place to go is the Yaalon, which serves a flavorful mix of salads, tehina, falafel, and hummus — all of which can be washed down with a refreshing Arak.

Ramat Gan also offers an array of arts and culture activities. Art lovers should explore the Rabbio Museum of Art, which houses a permanent collection of Israeli and European art. And, for a music-filled night, the city regularly hosts interactive concerts. Visit Ramat Gan’s Center for the Performing Arts to enjoy Talmud and Torah readings, as well as live professional theatre performances.

Whether you come for the parks and gardens, designer outlets, food markets, or entertainment, Ramat Gan has something to offer to everyone. With its mix of urban culture and natural beauty, this vibrant city deserves to be seen. Spend some time in Ramat Gan and you won’t be disappointed.

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